After being trolled, Ayan Mukerji says that Brahmastra Part 2 will have “better dialogues.”

Part 1 of Brahmastra, Shiva, received criticism and mockery for its dialogue, thus director Ayan Mukerji promised “better dialogues” in the sequel, Dev. People who saw Brahmastra on social media complained that the movie’s mashup of Hindi and English dialogue didn’t flow very well. Others poked fun at Alia Bhatt’s character Isha for often referring to Shiva by name.

Ayan Mukerji hopes to improve the movie’s dialogue in the second act. He has responded graciously to the criticism that has been levelled at him. He made this remark when discussing the three-year gap between the first and second instalments of his proposed trilogy.

A representative from Sony Music India was the one he spoke with “Take Baahubali as an example of how much can happen in just two years. I estimate that it will take each citizen of our country almost six months to travel the length of Brahmastra. The following year would have been perfect for delivering Brahmastra 2, but alas, it was not to be. It would have been fantastic for me and something I would have really enjoyed.”

Ayan said, “Brahmastra 1 was truly a “Made in India” product, despite the fact that its production in India was extremely challenging. It will be extremely difficult to finish Part 2 in the next two to three years. It’s really difficult to achieve the same degree of success while also improving the quality of the dialogue (laughs) and the story.”

At a prior press conference, Ayan had explained that he and dialogue writer Hussain Dalal had penned such lines for Brahmastra because Shiva and Isha are “current contemporary characters.” Dalal also collaborated with Ayan on the script for his last film, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Alia Bhatt portrays the DJ Shiva’s girlfriend Isha opposite Ranbir Kapoor.

Since Ayan performs this personally, he is the one who prompted Alia’s Isha to chant Shiva’s name, Ayan claimed. What he shared with NDTV was as follows: “When I speak with someone, I always make sure to say their name. This was therefore maintained in both the script and the film.”

Shiva in Brahmastra, Part 1 was released to theatres on September 9. Amitabh Bachchan, Nagarjuna, Mouni Roy, and Shah Rukh Khan were also featured in the film.

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