Karan Mehra on external affairs allegations says it ‘baseless’.

Karan Mehra on external affairs allegations.

Key sentence:

  • Entertainer Karan Mehra has responded to claims of an issue made by Nisha Rawal.
  • While Nisha asserts that Karan used to hit her and could have done without their child.

Entertainer Karan Mehra has responded to claims of an issue made by his significant other, Nisha Rawal. Karan was captured on Monday and later delivered on bail after Nisha documented a police protest against him over claims of an actual attack. 

In an interview, Nisha stated:

In a meeting, Nisha had said that Karan was having an illicit extramarital relationship, which she found out ‘several months prior’. She added that she defied him about it after finding his instant messages. 

Karan denied the allegations:

Talking with the main day by day, Karan denied the allegations. “Every one of these claims will undoubtedly come up, and I will be connected with numerous individuals. 

These statements are ridiculous. I haven’t undermined her, and I do not have an illicit extramarital relationship,” he said. 

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 Nisha alleges that Karan used to hit her:

While Nisha asserts that Karan used to hit her and could have done without their child, he says that she has a ‘vicious streak’ and requested an enormous whole for her divorce settlement. Nisha said, “It’s about my kid and me. 

I became more acquainted with his issue, rehashed manhandles… I disregarded it since I needed to keep the marriage flawless, and I was additionally stressed over his picture of Naitik… prude.” 

Karan played the personality of Naitik for quite a long time on the well known day by day cleanser Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. 

Karan, meanwhile, stated in an interview to Hindustan Times:

Karan, in the meantime, has said that he didn’t truly attack Nisha on Tuesday night. He said that she hit her head against a divider and took steps to ‘demolish’ him. “Nisha jumped into my room, as we have been sleeping in separate rooms for some time. 

She started yelling and shoving my family, advised me, ‘I will demolish your life’, spat on me, and I serenely advised her not to act as such and return to her room. I would not like to talk right at that point. 

I got up to go into the washroom when she abruptly slammed her head against the divider and said, ‘abdominal muscle Dekho kya hota’. Nisha has state of mind swings and a vicious outrage streak. 

She would toss the stuff and hit herself as well as other people. Five-six years prior, she was analyzed as bipolar. Individuals, including our companions and family members, have seen her conduct out in the open, and I was unable to take it any longer,” he said in a meeting to Hindustan Times.

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