Pawandeep’s and Arunita’s love Story is a ruse says Indian idol host Aditya Narayan.

Pawandeep's and Arunita's love story is a ruse.

Key sentence:

  • Aditya Narayan says that romantic equations between Arunita and Pawandeep were not true.
  • A year ago, Aditya and Neha claimed to get hitched.
  • Addressing Bollywood Spy, he said, We are simply having some good times. 

Indian Idol 12 host Aditya Narayan says the show’s producers have concocted the heartfelt conditions between hopefuls Arunita Kanjilal and Pawandeep Rajan. He accepts every one of them as performers and needs to give the crowd a drawing in the account. 

In a new interview, Aditya stated:

In another meeting, Aditya talked about the candidates being referred to. He even reviewed how his phoney heartfelt point with show judge Neha Kakkar had insulted individuals on the web a year ago. 

While speaking to Bollywood Spy, Aditya stated:

Addressing Bollywood Spy, he said, “Murmur masti Karte hai (We are simply having some good times). Individuals say that we concoct pretend undertakings on unscripted TV dramas. 

What of it? Did we at any point say no? We do it. Ye dhong hai (This is all untruth). Be that as it may, you appreciate it, no? Since we love to do it.” 

He likewise discussed how individuals get insulted by such stories, adding that on the off chance that they have such a lot of issue with a young lady and kid’s romantic tale, what could be the reason behind the ‘136 crore individuals in the country’. 

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Further, the Indian Idol host stated:

“They are youngsters, and if something occurs between them, they have our desires, and if not, it’s their lives. So we are simply getting a charge out of. Last season, with what occurred among Neha and me, individuals got annoyed that they are our family members. 

‘How might you do this?’ I make proper acquaintance, ‘we are putting on an act.’ When you watch a TV program, and the lead entertainer and entertainer are in a heartfelt connection, you know that they will return to their genuine accomplices when you say cut. 

Why not blow up at them? So I might want to remind our crowd that the ‘truth’, a piece of an unscripted TV drama, apply to the candidate. Most of us are there are to engage you,” he said. 

Last year, Aditya and Neha pretended to be getting married:

A year ago, Aditya and Neha claimed to get hitched. Indeed, even their folks showed up on the show to give them their ‘favours’. 

After understanding that it was accomplished for TRPs, the two and the show raked some fire on the web. 

Both Aditya and Neha got married soon:

Both Aditya and Neha got hitched before long. She, to vocalist Rohanpreet Singh and he to his long-lasting sweetheart Shweta Aggarwal. 

Aditya’s dad Udit Narayan had said in a meeting, “I presume this connection up and marriage bits of gossip with Neha is to support the TRPs of Indian Idol where she’s an appointed authority, and my child is the anchor. 

I wish the marriage bits of gossip were valid. Neha is a magnificent young lady. We’d like to have her as our bahu (girl in-law).”

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