Raju Srivastava can interact with his wife and move his body.

Raju Srivastava

The comedian Raju Srivastava’s health has gotten a little bit better. Ajit Saxena, his top advisor, says that he is now aware and can move his hands and feet. Last month, the 58-year-old had a heart attack and was taken to the AIIMS hospital.

After being taken to the hospital, Raju Srivastava was out of his mind for 14 days. At a gym in Delhi, he began to feel pain in his chest, and then he passed out. After that, angioplasty was done on him.

Ajit Saxena, who gave India Today an update on Raju’s health, was quoted as saying that Raju tried to talk to his wife Shikha Srivastava after he was able to move around more. He also said that Raju’s health is “steadily getting better” because he is now trying to get better quickly.

The article says that Raju Srivastava’s wife is the only one who can visit him in the hospital because of the risk of infection. She also said that his hands and feet had twitched just a little bit. He has also talked to her and opened his eyes. It’s been days since Raju’s daughter, Antara Srivastava, said that he is fine.

After Raju was taken to the hospital, there were rumours online that his health was getting worse. His wife asked people not to “spread rumours” in response. In a statement to the news agency PTI, she asked the public not to spread rumours. It changes how we feel. We need positive energy and don’t want any negative energy. Please say a prayer for him to get better quickly. He will be back soon. Raju Ji is helping the doctors do their best work by supporting them and fighting for them. Please don’t tell people bad things.

Raju Srivastava became well-known after he appeared on the first season of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge (2005). Some of the movies he has been in are Aamdani Atthani Kharcha Rupaiya, Baazigar, Maine Pyar Kiya, and Bombay to Goa. He is also the head of the Uttar Pradesh Film Development Council, which he leads.

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