Review of the movie Ek Villain Returns: Arjun Kapoor and John Abraham’s painful film makes the first one look like it should have won an Oscar.

Ek Villain Returns

Metro battle. Combat in an old building. A fight on the road. What happened? Mohit Suri’s Ek Villain Returns leaves viewers wondering. This follow-up to Ek Villain is bad, makes no sense, and is crazy. A bad movie doesn’t just have a bad story. Many people worked on Ek Villain Returns. This thriller was boring because of its slow writing, bad direction, half-baked characters, and twists that didn’t make sense.

Four actors also waste their time. Ek Villain Returns couldn’t be saved by the team of John Abraham, Arjun Kapoor, Disha Patani, and Tara Sutaria.

Young women are being killed by a serial killer with strange love stories (missing Riteish Deshmukh). Gautam (Kapoor) is a spoiled rich kid who loves and hates Aarvi (Sutaria), a singer who performs at open-air theatre events. Taxi driver Bhairav (Abraham) falls for materialistic salesgirl Rasika (Patani). Kapoor and Abraham break up and start acting in strange ways. No one knows who the hero, villain, or serial killer is. Slowly, the person behind the yellow mask is shown.

Even after 30 minutes, we still hear about how Gautam and Aarvi met, fell in love, got even, fell in love again, broke up, etc. Story not known. Bhairav is very interested in Rasika and always wants to know how she is doing. Weird. Why doesn’t he see that she is bad? Why doesn’t Gautam love Aarvi? Why does this criminal go after people who only love one person? Mohit Suri complicates a simple script. Why don’t most twists have answers that make sense?

Even though the movie is only 128 minutes long, you just want it to get going and show what happened. Non-linear stories don’t work because the characters don’t look very different from each other. Every flashback makes things more confusing.

Sutaria and Patani are only there to give men something to do and a plan, so I didn’t expect much from them. Their curve never goes up. People get headaches from Patani’s strange laugh. Sutaria does her best, but the script doesn’t let her do much.

I was surprised that Abraham got the part because I thought he would do better. He is locked up by Ek Villain Returns. Never before has Abraham had so few lines in a movie. Kapoor shines and gets the job. His character is easy to understand. As cops, JD Chakravarthy and Shaad Ali aren’t used enough. They come and go based on what the director wants.

The song Galliyan Returns, which is a repeat of Teri Galliyan, is played all through the movie. The rest of the record is dull and easy to forget.

After hearing a long story, you wish that this bad guy hadn’t come back. Who would have thought that a modern script would make the original movie look better? Ek Villain Returns is now being shown. Only people who can handle mindless mass-market movies should watch it.

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