Sanjay Dutt was told by a pandit of his former life as a king and how his wife had an affair and wanted him killed.

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On Friday, sanjay dutt turned 63 years old. The actor, who most recently worked with Ranbir Kapoor in the movie Shamshera, has talked about how he learned about his “previous life.” Sanjay talked about his past with Sushmita Sen on an episode of Koffee With Karan from the first season. The actor said he had been a king in a past life and that his wife wanted him dead because she was having an affair with one of his ministers. He told host Karan Johar about this.

Sanjay dutt said that his life in the past had not been easy. He just finished fighting cancer. In an episode of Koffee With Karan from 2005, Sanjay talked about his past and brought up a town near Chennai called Shivneri. He said that his friend who lives in the town of Gangawati in Karnataka told him about the place.

Sanjay talked about visiting Shivneri on the Karan Johar show. He said, “It’s a small town where you leave your thumbprint and they find your leaf. They found my leaf and told me that my father’s name was Sunil Dutt. I said, “No, it’s Balraj Dutt,” and they told me they were wrong. Who knows that your mother’s name must be Fatima Hussain, they enquired?

The priest said that he was telling the truth, but the actor said that he disproved what the priest said. After that, Sanjay says, the priest told him about the actor’s past life and how the many murders he did in that life made it hard for him in this life. Sanjay said, “When the Ashoka dynasty was in power, I was a king.” Because she was having an affair with my priest, my wife sent me to war to die. But after I killed other people, I went back, found out what I had done, and then killed her and the other two people. Because I was a Shiv devotee, I went into the wilderness and starved myself to death.


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