Shamshera by Ranbir Kapoor was made available on Amazon Prime Video.


The Ranbir Kapoor movie Shamshera is now on Amazon Prime Video. Because of the deal between the two companies, Shamshera is the fourth Yash Raj movie to be released on Prime Video. Before this, Bunty Aur Babli 2, Samrat Prithviraj, and Jayeshbhai Jordaar all made their first appearances online. The action movie, in which Ranbir Kapoor plays two different roles, has a big budget and is a comedy for the whole family. He plays both Balli and his father, Shamshera.

The movie is about a group of warriors and a made-up city called Kaza. Shudh Singh locks up this warrior tribe, beats them, and sells them into slavery. Shamshera, the legendary leader of this tribe, works hard to free them from slavery and give them a life of freedom and respect. The movie, which can be watched by anyone on Prime Video, is a larger-than-life version of what happened. You can watch this movie in Tamil, Telugu, and Hindi.

The movie was not well liked by critics or audiences, and it did not do well at the box office. In an interview, Ranbir Kapoor was asked about his mental health after being away from the movie business for four years.

He said that because it was something new to him, it made him feel something completely different. He said he couldn’t compare his personal life to other people’s personal lives. He said that there is a lot of worry, concern, and anticipation about Shamshera.

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