Working with Raj Kundra, according to Poonam Pandey, was the “worst mistake” of her life.

Working with Raj Kundra, according to Poonam Pandey, was the "worst mistake" of her life.

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  • Poonam Pandey has said that working with Raj Kundra was the greatest error of her life.
  • I was drawn closer by Raj Kundra to be a piece of another application by the name of HotShots.

Poonam Pandey, who is engaged in a fight in court with financial specialist Raj Kundra, has said that working with him was the greatest error of her life. Raj was captured recently regarding a sexual entertainment racket and was remanded in police authority till July 23. 

In another meeting, Poonam Pandey, who had blamed Raj and his partners for extortion, robbery, and releasing her telephone numbers, said that ‘Raj Kundra himself’ said he invites legitimate activity. 

She told a main every day, “When I marked an MOU with them, which went on for a month, plainly they were cheating and were amazingly amateurish. 

I ended my agreement with a quick impact. Getting into expert cooperation with these individuals was the greatest mix-up I made in my life. They are fakes. 

My life turned into an open book. I went through another degree of injury. I reviled myself for offering my passwords and certifications to their group. 

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When we contacted Raj’s group, we were informed that we would not be paid until I marked an agreement with them and began working with them once more. 

I straight denied it. How is it possible that I would do it realizing that these folks hacked into my records and individual space? Yeh log samajhte kya hain khud ko (Who do they think they are)?” 

She proceeded, “He was unable to persuade me since he realized that I didn’t depend on his application for work. So I needed to end any relationship with Armsprime. I needed the application they had made in my name, removed the web. 

Soon after, I was drawn closer by Raj Kundra actually to be a piece of another application by the name of HotShots. It was a 100% unadulterated shakedown. 

It resembled do this or endure the fallouts. On my refusal, my private portable numbers were spilt on the web on the previously mentioned application.” 

Last year, Raj said that he was not, at this point, engaged with the endeavour and had no information about the appeal. However, Poonam said that although Raj had left the organization to set up HotShots, ‘the robbery’ of her information would’ve occurred while he was as yet included. 

She said that she has confirmation to back up her cases. “In those days, I imagined that I had spoiled by imparting my qualifications to them. But, notwithstanding, today, these folks cheat individuals,” she said.

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