Due of the Covid-19 epidemic, measles is now “an impending worldwide concern,” the WHO says.

Measles outbreak: According to the WHO and CDC, there have been continuous outbreaks in more than 20 countries, insufficient disease monitoring, delayed response plans as a result of COVID-19, and persistent reductions in vaccination rates “Everywhere in the globe, there is a serious risk of spreading the measles.

Geneva: The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have issued warnings that measles vaccination rates have dropped significantly since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, resulting in a record-high number of nearly 40 million children missing a dose of the vaccine last year. According to a joint assessment from WHO and CDC, “there is now an immediate risk of measles spreading to diverse places throughout the world since COVID-19 has led to a gradual fall in vaccination coverage and impaired surveillance of the illness.”

The joint study stated that in 2021, “a record high of approximately 40 million youngsters missed a measles vaccination shot.” According to Patrick O’Connor, WHO’s head of measles, the number of significant disruptive outbreaks has already increased since the beginning of 2022, rising from 19 to nearly 30 by September, according to US Today. O’Connor added that he was particularly concerned about certain regions of sub-Saharan Africa.

The measles, one of the most communicable illnesses in the world, was now spreadable to millions of youngsters. According to authorities, there were 128,000 measles fatalities and nine million cases globally in 2021.

Continued declines in vaccination rates, inadequate disease surveillance, postponed response strategies as a result of COVID-19, and ongoing outbreaks in more than 20 countries, according to the WHO and CDC, indicate that “Everywhere in the globe, there is a serious risk of spreading the measles.

Mumbai now has 12 cases of measles after 13 new cases and 1 fatality.

According to the local civic office, Mumbai has had 13 new cases of measles this year, bringing the total number of infections to 233 and the number of fatalities to 12.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) said in a statement that up to 30 new cases of measles were admitted to municipal or state-run hospitals in the city on Wednesday, while 22 cases were released. The BMC surveys also turned up 156 possible measles cases, according to the Wednesday press release.

Children are more commonly affected by the viral illness. 3,534 suspected measles cases have been reported so far this year, an increase of 156, and the discovery of new cases with symptoms including fever and rash. In a 24-hour period, civic officials checked more than 3.04 lakh residences.

There have been 22 measles outbreak reports in 11 of the 24 municipal wards. However, the BMC reported that the 13 additional verified cases were from seven different wards, including A ward in South Mumbai. The BMC announcement stated that two doses of vitamin A are provided in “all cases of fever with rash,” with the second dosage being given 24 hours later.
One of the most contagious human viruses is measles, which can almost fully be avoided by immunisation. To stop community epidemics, however, vaccination coverage must be 95%.

Over 95% of measles deaths take place in underdeveloped nations, mostly in Africa and Asia. Measles has no known cure, although the two doses of the vaccination are around 97% effective in preventing serious disease and death. According to the UN, normal vaccinations against illnesses like diphtheria have not been administered to 25 million children as a result of the coronavirus disrupting ordinary medical services or causing vaccine misunderstandings.

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