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AbRam’s response to crowds welcoming him outside Mannat on his birthday is revealed by Shah Rukh Khan.

Shah Rukh Khan responded to a fan’s question during the AskSRK session on Twitter on AbRam’s response to the enormous crowd of admirers waiting outside Mannat on the actor’s birthday.

Shah Rukh Khan is unmatched in terms of celebrity and has a huge fan base. Shah Rukh Khan recently celebrated his 57th birthday, and as is customary, a sea of admirers gathered outside his Mannat house in Mumbai at midnight. Shah Rukh Khan stunned his admirers by walking out onto his rooftop twice in one day to welcome supporters. He made an appearance at midnight with his son AbRam, who also sweetly waved at Shah Rukh’s admirers. Currently, Shah Rukh Khan responded to a fan who inquired what AbRam thinks of his fame during a recent AskSRK session on Twitter.
AbRam, who is just 9 years old, frequently joins his father in addressing the crowd of spectators in front of Mannat. Shah Rukh Khan was questioned on Twitter by a fan: “How’s Abram, what does he think of your celebrity post-birthday? @iamSRK: “#AskSRK.” AbRam was referred to be a “kindly youngster” by Shah Rukh Khan in response. He claimed that AbRam was pleased to see so many people gather to welcome his father. He is a sweet youngster who is pleased that so many people have come to greet his father, according to SRK.

Shah Rukh Khan answers questions from fans on #AskSRK.
In addition, Shah Rukh Khan answered a variety of additional queries concerning his movie Pathaan and talked candidly about his collaborations with Deepika Padukone and John Abraham. He also responded to inquiries from his supporters in some humorous and clever ways. Do you talk to yourself when you’re by yourself? wondered one Twitter user. “Nahi…ha ha,” SRK retorted. It’s lonely to be honest. Shah Rukh responded, “Peri peri sauce with chicken helps…I suppose,” in response to a question from another fan about why he is so hot.

Front of Shah Rukh Khan’s career
Next up for Shah Rukh Khan is Siddharth Anand’s Pathaan, which also stars Deepika Padukone, John Abraham, and John Travolta. The movie is the superstar’s return to a major motion picture after more than 4 years, and the trailer for it debuted a few days ago on Shah Rukh’s birthday. The movie Pathaan debuts on January 25, 2023. He will also appear in Jawan and Dunki.

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