Review of the film Thiruchitrambalam: What occurs after death? Nithya Menen’s film about Dhanush shows you


Movies that are so close to real life don’t usually make you laugh. When people talk about realistic movies, tragedy is the first thing that comes to mind. But movies like Thiruchitrambalam chose to focus on what happens after the tragedy, even though they began with a sad event. And it makes you feel good on its own.

Neelakandan (Prakash Raj), Thiruchitrambalam Jr. (Dhanush), and Thiruchitrambalam Sr. are all upset about the deaths of two people (Bharathiraja). Both Neelankandan’s daughter and wife (Revathy) die because of how he drives. Even though it’s been ten years, the family is still sad about what happened. Thiruchitrambalam Sr takes care of his family, but Thiruchitrambalam Jr. blames his father for the deaths of his mother and sister. He also has PTSD, which makes him scared and makes him avoid problems instead of dealing with them.

Shobana, who Thiruchitrambalam Jr. has known since childhood, gives him a strong network of support (Nithya Menen). How does he deal with his fears? Will he be able to forgive his dad and accept that his mother and sister have died? What does their friendship become, Shobana? All of these are answered in the most entertaining way in Thiruchitrambalam.

Simple things are sometimes all you need to make sure everything is okay in life. And you think of that when you hear Thiruchitrambalam. Simpletons are Dhanush, Prakash Raj, Bharathiraja, and Nithya Menen. They don’t get fancy opening scenes to show how important they are. They live in the world that their director, Mithran Jawahar, made for them. They have the same problems as every other Indian family. It becomes so normal, whether you’re sharing housework or dealing with the deaths of two people.

Also, Thiruchitrambalam shows that Indian families don’t know how to deal with loss. Instead, they bury their feelings and don’t talk about them with family. Years later, they blow up. There must be a lot of people going through what Thiruchitrambalam Jr. did and how it changed him for years. Even though you have a friend like Shobana who will tell you to deal with your worries, you choose not to.

The lovely slice-of-life film Throughout Thiruchitrambalam, there are a number of touching scenes. Think about how Thiruchitrambalam Jr. and his grandfather, Thiruchitrambalam Sr., got along. They both have a drink, and it seems like the grandfather is more up-to-date than his grandson. It’s fun to see Dhanush and Bharathiraja do their jobs with such ease.

Most of the movie is about Nithya Menen and Dhanush, and it’s safe to say that Dhanush is funny. Give Nithya Menen an interesting role, and everyone can watch her play it with passion. Because his expressions are so real, they bring the role to life.

Prakash Raj does a great job as Neelakanda’s heartbroken wife. Because of him, we can understand what he is like. Raashi Khanna and Priya Bhavani Shankar are just fillers in this fun, healthy movie.

The best thing about Thiruchitrambalam is that it is funny. There are no forced comedic tracks that are meant to make you laugh. Instead, humour comes up naturally in everyday conversation.

Even so, Thiruchitrambalam isn’t a perfect film. The friendship between Nithya Menen and Dhanush is talked about all through the movie. But as the end of the movie gets closer, the director, Mithran Jawahar, lets up and takes a simpler route. At the end of the show, he gave in to the stereotype that he had been trying to avoid up until then.

The music by Anirudh Ravichander brought Thiruchitrambalam to life. The beautiful Megham Karukadha song should be seen on a wide screen. It’s fun to watch Dhanush, Nithya Menen, and Raashi Khan dance to the song.

Thiruchitrambalam is a funny performer who tells you to enjoy the small things in life that we often take for granted.

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Amanda Perry

Written by Amanda Perry

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