Shah Rukh Khan forgets his lines in the Om Shanti Om blooper video, Deepika Padukone can’t stop giggling, and Gauri Khan covers her face.

As Om Shanti Om celebrated 15 years since its first release, Farah Khan posted a blooper reel of the movie.
Om Shanti Om, a reincarnation drama directed by Farah Khan and starring Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone, has endured 15 years later because of its catchy dialogue, humorous situations, and Bollywood spoof. On the 15th anniversary of the release of Om Shanti Om, Farah unveiled the movie’s blooper reel, which features all the entertaining happenings from the set.
“The Magic, the Madness, the Music that was my love letter to Bollywood,” she captioned the image. While Deepika is doing the splits, SRK repeatedly botches his lines and dancing routines in the blooper clip. SRK cracks up as he speaks the words in the scene where he allegedly fights a stuffed tiger. Saif Ali Khan pretends to look into the camera during filming the music video for “Deewangi,” which included well-known Bollywood stars. Karisma Kapoor nearly trips over while dancing. A tearful hug is also shared by Salman Khan and Dharmendra. Another scene in the reel features Kirron Kher hurling insults at SRK, Arjun Rampal unintentionally hitting SRK with the microphone, and SRK falling while cracking the coconut.
Coincidentally, Deepika Padukone’s first movie was Om Shanti Om. The Making Of Om Shanti Om by Mushtaq Shaikh quotes Farah Khan as saying, “I am the only filmmaker who crafts manly movies for Shah Rukh Khan. He is rumoured to be in feminine flicks. I detest when he acts so mushy and weepy.

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