Agnipath scheme: Congress distances itself from MP Tewari’s favouring Agnipath scheme

Congress distances itself from Manish Tewari's views
Congress distances itself from Manish Tewari's views

The Congress said that party MP Manish Tewari’s support for Agnipath was his own opinion, not the party’s. The party thinks that the new military recruitment programme is “against national security and against youth.” Tewari wrote in the Indian Express that the Agniveer recruitment reform needs to be seen in the context of bigger changes to the defence system, such as the appointment of a Chief of Defence Staff and the reorganisation of the armed forces into theatre commands to encourage cooperation and cooperation between different parts of the system.

Congress distances itself from Manish Tewari’s views

He said that in the future, people will have less of an impact on war, but they will use cutting-edge weapons and technology to fight in an information-based world. Tewari said that if this reform is tied to fifth-generation warfare, it will help get the size of the armed forces right.

The general secretary of the Congress, Jairam Ramesh, tweeted: “Manish Tewari, who is an MP, wrote about Agnipath. Even though @INCIndia is the only democratic party, Agnipath’s views are his own and not those of the party, which thinks he is against national security and against young people.”

“The views are personal,” Tewari wrote in a tweet to Ramesh, “was the article’s tagline.” The Lok Sabha MP sent a screenshot of the article that stated the views were personal and wrote, “I wish @Jairam Ramesh ji had read it all the way through.”

Tewari had said earlier that the new Agnipath system is a much-needed change and that the armed forces shouldn’t be a job guarantee programme.

“I understand why young people are worried about Agnipath recruiting. India needs a military that is younger, lighter, and more tech-savvy, with weapons that are up to date.

Agnipath schme : Congress distances itself from Manish Tewari’s views

Tewari often goes against what the party wants. After Simranjit Singh Mann beat the AAP candidate in the by-election in Sangrur, Tewari said, “Sangrur is a wake-up call for the AAP. Some other effects @INCPunjab should think about why it went from having 3,03,350 votes in 2019 to having only 79,668 votes in 2022 and why it lost its deposit. In by-elections in Delhi, @INCIndia got 2014 votes.”

After what Agnipath said on June 14, there were violent protests in several states. It says that 17-and-a-half to 21-year-olds should be hired for four years, and 25% of them should be kept for 15 more. The most you can be in 2022 is 23.

Agnipath has been strongly criticised by the Congress, and on Monday, its leaders held a “peaceful Satyagraha” in all assembly constituencies. It held a peaceful Satyagraha on June 20 at the Jantar-Mantar in New Delhi and in other states.

Peaceful marches were held by Congress MPs against Agnipath, and a group of top leaders asked President Ram Nath Kovind to get rid of it.

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