“Ankita’s father is to blame,” an RSS member wrote on Facebook, causing outrage. An FIR was filed.

A Facebook post seemed to blame Ankita Bhandari’s family, especially her father and brother, for her death, according to the Dehradun Police. On Wednesday, they said that a first information report (FIR) had been filed against a local Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh (RSS) member over the incident.

Vipin Karnwal wrote in a post that has since been taken down that the 19-year-old father was the main cause of all the bad things that happened because he let his daughter work at a resort in a notoriously promiscuous forest.

Vipin Karnwal said it was like serving raw milk to “male cats.”

Ankita Bhandari had been missing since September 18. On September 24, her body was found in the Chilla Canal in Rishikesh. The 19-year-old started her first job as a receptionist at the Vanantara Resort in the Pauri area of Uttarakhand on August 28. She did this to help her family and reach her goals.

She was killed long before she got paid for the first time.

Her family reported her missing, but at first, local revenue police officers didn’t want to help. They said they were being pressured by resort owner Pulkit Arya, who is the son of Vinod Arya, a former BJP leader and minister who was kicked out of the party. Pulkit allegedly tried to force Ankita into prostitution, but she said no. This made people angry on social media and around the state, which made the state police take action.

Pulkit Ary and two other resort workers were arrested, and his father was asked to leave the party.

The police report against Vipin Karnwal says that this is what he was doing when he posted on Facebook on September 26. He also said mean things about how Ankita’s family was dependent on her income.

The police say that a FIR has been filed against Vipin Karnwal. On his Facebook page, he said that he was a member of the RSS.

Vijay Pal Singh Rawat, who brought the charge, said that the comment made people more angry and hurt the feelings of the people of Uttarakhand.

A police officer said that the FIR was filed at the Raiwala police station under sections 153A, 505-2, 509, and 66 of the IT Act, 2000. Section 153A says that it is illegal to try to make religious groups fight with each other. Section 505-2 says that it is illegal to say something that could cause trouble in a religious gathering. Section 509 says that it is illegal to say or do something that is meant to insult a woman’s modesty. Section 66 says that it is

The SHO at the Raiwala police station, Bhuwan Chand Pujari, could not be reached for comment. Rajiv Kumar, a different police officer, said he was in the high court to take care of business.

Vipin Karnwal’s Facebook comment also upset the Uttarakhand Women’s Commission.

“We had looked into the case and sent a notice to the RSS leader, who apologised for what he had said,” said Kusum Kandwal, the head of the commission.

Congressman Bhuwan Chandra Kapri says that the son of the BJP leader did the act and that the RSS leader made offensive comments about the victim’s family. It shows how the RSS leader felt and how he tried to hurt the reputation of the family and friends of the woman who was killed.

Sanjay, who only goes by his first name, is an RSS Prachar Pramukh from Uttarakhand. He spoke out against what Vipin Kandwal said. “We disagree with what Facebook said. The former leader of the Haridwar Vibagh Prachar Pramukh and member of the RSS has already said he’s sorry.

Vipin Karnwal said these things after seeing a video in which a woman said that the receptionist’s father had stolen the money. This made me sad. I thought the woman wouldn’t get fair treatment now. Through the Facebook post, I wanted to say two things. First of all, if the crime was done by the victim’s father, he shouldn’t have, so the person who did it shouldn’t get off easy. The family shouldn’t have sent their daughter to the resort to work there because they should have known that the resort is known for being immoral.

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