CM Bhagwant Mann claims that the Agnipath initiative was “against the country’s youth” after the Punjab Assembly passed a resolution condemning it.

CM Bhagwant Mann claims that the Agnipath initiative was "against the country's youth"
CM Bhagwant Mann claims that the Agnipath initiative was "against the country's youth"

On Thursday, the Punjab Assembly passed a motion that was against the government of the Centre’s Agnipath defence recruitment scheme. Members of the BJP legislature Ashwani Sharma and Jangi Lal Mahajan both voted against the measure. The motion was brought up in the House by Bhagwant Mann, who is also the Chief Minister. During the debate on the motion, Mr. Mann said that he will soon talk to both the Prime Minister of India and the Union Home Minister about the Agnipath initiative. Mann was very against Agnipath, and he said that it was bad for the young people of the country. Partap Singh Bajwa, who is the leader of the opposition and a lawmaker for the Congress party, wants the Agnipath programme to end. Akali MLA Manpreet Singh Ayali voted for the resolution and asked that the project be stopped.

In the resolution, the House of Representatives suggests that the government of the state talk to the government of the Union about the issue so that the Agnipath initiative can be stopped as soon as possible. Mann read out loud from the resolution and said, “The unilateral announcement of the Agnipath project by the Government of India has caused large protests in many states,” including the state of Punjab.

The Punjab Vidhan Sabha is sure that the proposal, which says that young people will only be hired for four years and that only up to 25 percent will be kept, is not in the best interests of the country’s national security or of its young people. As a result of this strategy, according to Mann, “young individuals who wish to serve in the military for the remainder of their lives are likely to be miserable.”

He said it was important to let people know that more than one lakh troops from the state of Punjab serve in the country’s armed forces and that each year, many of these warriors give their lives on the country’s borders. Being in the Indian Armed Forces is a source of pride and honour for Punjab’s courageous and determined youth.

Mann says that this plan has ruined the hopes of many young Punjabis who wanted to become regular soldiers. Many young Punjabis have lost hope because of this idea. Mann said that the plan could hurt the long-term cooperation between the Armed Forces.

After the Central Government started the Agnipath programme, which aimed to recruit young people between the ages of 17 and a half and 21 into the army, navy, and air force, mostly on a four-year contract basis, protests broke out in different parts of the country. In the end, the company decided that the youngest applicant could be 23 years old. Mann said in the Assembly on Tuesday that his government will file a resolution against the Agnipath programme. He said that the Centre’s push for more military recruits will weaken the Indian Army’s core. The Agnipath plan will be opposed by the resolution. Earlier, he agreed with the Leader of the Opposition, Partap Singh Bajwa, that a resolution against the programme should be put forward.

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