Heavy rain in Bengaluru causes chaos as cars float on roads that are full of water.

Heavy rain in Bengaluru

Even after the city was flooded by heavy rain, Bengaluru still had to deal with the anger of the rain gods. Bengaluru flooded because of heavy rain, which showed again how bad the city’s infrastructure is. In many places, like Marathahalli, the outer Ring Road, and others, people saw their cars float away while the people inside had to take care of themselves. Traffic officials used social media to warn people about what was going on.

“Attention, people who commute… Before you leave today, you should know that the constant rain and flooding will make traffic slow in many parts of the city. Please make travel plans in the right way. The police are doing their jobs. Kala Krishnaswamy, who is the deputy commissioner of police for traffic in the east division, said in a tweet that “easing and managing the traffic” was needed.

People took to social media to say how bad they thought the roads were.

It rained chaos everywhere. A group called Whitefield Rising told people on Twitter to stay home if they could.

At least three places in Bengaluru got more than 125 mm of rain during the night.

Doddanekkundi, Marathahalli, and other places in North Bengaluru were all completely submerged.

Up until the early hours of the morning, it rained more than 125 mm in places near HAL.

Statistics from weather officials show that on average, 131 mm of rain fell in Bengaluru city.

Not only did the city suffer from the heavy rain, but so did the airport.

Passengers and their families were all over the parking lot at Bengaluru International Airport as they tried to get to the gate.

“Due to the recent heavy rains, various areas of the region are under water. I’m requesting the assistance of all leaders and karyakartas in the Mahadevapura assembly constituency. Arvind Limbavalli, a former minister and current BJP lawmaker from Mahadevapura, one of the worst hit areas, urged people to help those in need, help themselves, and be careful while working.

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