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On the occasion of Maharana Pratap Jayanti, 5 interesting facts about the Rajput warrior.

5 interesting facts about the Maharana Pratap.

Key sentence:

  • The birth ceremony of the thirteenth lord of Mewar, Maharana Pratap, is being seen across India.
  • A few states observe Maharana Pratap Jayanti going full speed.

The birth ceremony of the thirteenth lord of Mewar, Maharana Pratap, is being seen across India on Saturday. As indicated by the English schedule, Maharana Pratap Jayanti falls on May 9 consistently. 

Be that as it may, the Hindu schedule shows the champion ruler’s introduction to the world commemoration on the Tritiya tithi of Jyeshtha’s Shukla Paksha and subsequently is being commended on June 13 this time. 

A few states, including Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh, observe Maharana Pratap Jayanti going full speed and pronounce the day as a public occasion. 

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Here are some lesser-known realities about Maharana Pratap: 

1. Maharana Pratap was brought into the world by a Rajput family on May 9, 1540. His dad, Udai Singh II, was the twelfth leader of the Mewar administration and the author of Udaipur. Pratap, the oldest kid in the family, had three siblings and two stepsisters. 

2. Viewed as probably the most grounded hero in Indian history, Maharana Pratap was 2.26 meters (7 feet 5 inches) tall. He would wear a body shield of 72 kilograms (kg) and convey a lance of 81kg. 

3. Maharana Pratap is known for his tactical obstruction against the expansionism of the Mughal realm and his vital part in the Battle of Haldighati and the Battle of Dewar. He had crushed Mughal ruler Akbar threefold – in 1577, 1578 and 1579. 

4. Maharana Pratap had 11 spouses and 17 kids. Maharana Amar Singh 1 turned his oldest child into his replacement and was the fourteenth ruler of the Mewar line. 

5. Maharana Pratap passed on at 56 years old on January 19, 1597, after he was harmed in a chasing mishap. 

Last year PM paid tributes to Maharana Pratap:

Last year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid recognitions for Maharana Pratap on May 9 and said he carried magnificence to the country with his bravery, limitless mental fortitude and fight abilities. 

His penance and commitment to the homeland will consistently be paramount, Modi added.

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