Sidhu Moosewala murder case twists again! Sources suggest Lawrence Bishnoi denies involvement.

Lawrence Bishnoi
Sidhu Moosewala | Lawrence Bishnoi

According to police sources quoted by the news agency ANI, notorious gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who is believed to be responsible for the sensational murder of popular Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala, is reportedly not cooperating during interrogation. Bishnoi is believed to have been behind the murder of Moosewala, who was known for his singing.

After a close associate of the gangster, Lawrence Bishnoi, took credit for the killing of the musician on social media, the gangster’s name has appeared as a suspect in the case. This fact may be noticed. On Sunday, Moosewala was found dead in the Mansa district of Punjab after being shot. Goldy Brar, a criminal operating in Canada, has come forward and claimed responsibility for the murder.

The Special Cell of the Delhi Police has secured custody of Lawrence Bishnoi for a period of five days. Bishnoi, who was previously detained at Tihar Jail, is currently being questioned by the Special Cell.

In connection with the slaying of Punjabi musician Sidhu Moose Wala, Lawrence Bishnoi is currently being questioned by authorities. During an interview with the police, Lawrence stated that he was innocent of any involvement in the killing of Moosewala, and he also distanced himself from a social media post written by a member of his gang, Goldy Brar, in which Brar claimed credit for the killing.

According to the information gathered from various sources, the authorities are currently exerting efforts to determine who was involved in the plan to commit murder, who provided logistical assistance, and where the shooters originated from. “Lawrence and Goldy Brar use new shooters every time so that the police can’t easily reach them and even if they reach, they can’t link it with them,” stated sources. “This is so that the police can’t easily reach them and even if they reach, they can’t link it with them.”

“The relationship between these gangsters associated with Punjab is decades old,” according to sources within the police department. “They all are part of Punjab university politics, friendship and animosity originated from the university campus,” sources added.

The reports claim that the motive for the murder, in addition to exacting retribution for the killing of Vicky Muthikheda, is the rapidly expanding financial opportunities presented by the Punjab music industry.

“Gangster Vicky from Punjab used to invest money on young musicians who wish to create their career in the singing profession and aided them in launching their records, and later on, they (gangsters) used to claim and demand their share in the earnings from those investments. According to sources within the police department, one of the lines of inquiry that the investigation is pursuing is whether or if there was an attempt to establish the gangster’s domination over the music industry as the motivation behind the murder.

In addition to this, the police have received information that all of the shooters and criminals of Punjab, regardless of how large or tiny they may be, are in contact with these gangsters despite the fact that they are currently housed in jail.

Additionally, the manager of Moosewala is suspected of being implicated in Vicky’s murder as well. During the course of his interrogation, Lawrence revealed that Goldy Brar had been informed that Moosewala had assisted his manager in escaping the country. This manager is suspected of being connected to the murder of Vicky Muthikheda.

It has been discovered in the inquiry, according to insiders, that whatever messages are being posted regarding the murder on social media, they are either being sent from outside of the country or through a virtual private network (VPN).

Goldy Brar is being investigated by the Delhi Police for allegedly plotting many murders from Canada, according to the police in Delhi. The police went on to say that even though Brar was residing outside of the nation and Lawrence was sitting in jail, the criminals were still able to arrange killings inside the country. This information was provided by the police.

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