Terrorist launch pads operating near LoC, India ramps up patrols and vigil


Srinagar: Since Pakistan’s new government took office, intelligence sources claim Pakistan’s Kashmir strategy has altered. Terrorist are waiting for an opportunity to infiltrate into Kashmir Valley, according to a high official in PoK near the Line of Control.

Infiltration routes have cleared of snow, especially in PoK’s Neelam Valley.

According to sources, there are three launch pads in the Neelam area, each with 100-150 terrorists. It is also suspected that Afghan fighters who left Afghanistan after the USA left may try to infiltrate this side.

Armed forces have boosted vigilance along the entire Line of Control. The vigil in the border hills and forests has been enhanced. The Indian army said the watch is enhanced every year. But this time it’s serious.

“As the snow melts, so do the infiltration attempts, but we’ll respond accordingly.” We get more ready. We strengthen night and fence patrols. We intercept all attempts to penetrate “Havildar Amit Kumar, an Army jawan stationed in Keran Sector,

Security forces claim Lashkar and Jaish have been urged to intensify attacks. One cause is the surge in security forces anti-terrorist operations in Kashmir.

These actions have undermined their roots, and Pakistan will send more terrorists into the Valley. It is said that the Indian Army has totally sealed the borders.

The Indian Army prepares the anti-infiltration grid. Beyond physical surveillance, advanced technology is employed to track the LoC. Thermal imaging, P2G cameras, night vision, etc.

“We use cutting-edge technologies to keep an eye on the LoC. The vigil is 24/7. We maintain patrolling the border to ensure no intruders cross the LoC. We want to urge everyone in the country not to worry about the borders because we will guard them,” stated Indian Army Havildar Umesh.

The Kashmir valley has had the fewest active terrorists in 30 years. The number was under 200. Terrorists were murdered 184 times in 2021.

59 terrorists have been slain in 40 engagements since January. Around 30 terrorists and 169 OGWs have been caught.


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