The CJI talks about the SC’s performance over the past 4 days and how it has met expectations.

Uday Umesh Lalit, Chief Justice of India, promised on Friday that he would do his utmost to meet the high standards set by the Bar Council of India.

The newly sworn-in Chief Justice of India spoke at an awards ceremony hosted by the legal community.

Chief Justice Dipak Lalit has stated that the Supreme Court’s goal is to settle as many pending matters as possible. In addition, he stated, “I would endeavour, do my best to live up to expectations, to be worthy of standing in front of you after three months and getting more flowers than what I got today.”

The Supreme Court, he said, has listed too many matters since he took office four days ago.

Over the course of four days, the court heard and decided 1,293 cases. Disposal of 106 common objects. The CJI further remarked that the SC would make every attempt to dispose of anything you might present.

Over the course of the preceding four days, he said, 440 transfer requests had been processed.

During a ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, President Droupadi Murmu appointed CJI Lalit as India’s 49th Chief Justice. He will serve as the head of India’s judiciary for only 74 days before stepping down on November 8.

According to a PTI story, eminent attorney and BCI chairman Manan Kumar Mishra remarked Justice Lalit’s candidacy as the 49th Chief Justice of India is a source of immense happiness for all attorneys in the nation.

In addition, he has ensured that the listing of the concerns is clear, which will eliminate any confusion for the lawyers. Attorneys arguing cases before the Supreme Court faced a considerable obstacle when determining how to have their cases listed. Any new cases submitted today will be heard the day after they are submitted. Chief Justice UU Lalit routinely follows this procedure. There were 200 situations that he heard yesterday that he didn’t know about. He argued, “I was there in court.”

The day before he took the oath of office, the CJI outlined three key areas of focus, with the development of straightforward, understandable, and openly accessible listing coming in at the top. He also promised to provide an open forum where pressing concerns may be brought without fear of retaliation to the courts.

His third area of focus would be the listing of matters before Constitution benches and cases that are specifically referred to benches of three judges.

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