A Trinamool MP removes a controversial tweet that claimed that Mamata Banerjee was also a Brahmin.

In an anti-Brahmin tweet, Trinamool Rajya Sabha MP Jawhar Sircar claimed that “Brahmanic dictators” had demolished Buddhist structures. Later, the tweet was taken down.

Jawhar Sircar, a Rajya Sabha member for the Trinamool party, sparked a social media uproar when he shared a divisive view about Brahmins. Later, he removed the tweet when a number of well-known figures condemned the former bureaucrat’s view on Brahmins. Jawhar Sircar was also informed by CR Kesavan, the great-grandson of Rajaji, that Trinamool chief Mamata Banerjee is also a Brahmin.
I served on the Prasar Bharati Board when you were CEO, Sircar Ji. Such sweeping generalisations are narrow-minded and petty. Mamta ji, your leader, is a member of the same community as the people you are disparaging. “A little restraint wouldn’t be out of place,” tweeted CR Kesavan.

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