Ashok Gehlot’s supporters quit in the middle of a fight over who will be the next Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

A few Congress MLAs who support Gehlot turned in their resignations to Assembly speaker CP Joshi late on Sunday, just before an important party conference where Gehlot’s likely replacement would be chosen. The MLAs were seen leaving the home of the speaker after giving their resignations. They said they wouldn’t pass a resolution because the Congress’ top command should choose the next chief minister.

There were rumours that Sachin Pilot, a former deputy chief minister of Rajasthan, could take over as leader after Ashok Gehlot confirmed that he would run for Congress national president. This happened late at night.

Gehlot and the other Congress observers, Mallikarjun Kharge and Ajay Maken, went to the house of the chief minister, where the Congress Legislature Party meeting was going to take place. Sachin Pilot got there on his own, as well.

If Gehlot wins the Congress national presidential election, he will have to quit his job as chief minister because the “one-man, one-post” rule says that only one person can hold each position in the party.

The Congress MLAs who support Gehlot met earlier on Sunday at the home of state minister Shanti Dhariwal. After that, they went to the home of speaker CP Joshi to hand in their resignations.

Some of these MLAs made a subtle reference to Sachin Pilot when they said that Ashok Gehlot’s replacement should be someone who helped keep the Rajasthan government in power during the political crisis of 2020.

“Every member of parliament is angry and leaving. We’ll ask the speaker about that. Congressman Pratap Singh Khachariyawas told news agency ANI that MLAs are angry that Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot made a decision without consulting them.

After the Congress won the state’s legislative elections in 2018, Gehlot and Pilot fought over who would be the next chief minister of Rajasthan. After that, the high command chose Pilot to be Gehlot’s deputy and chose Gehlot for a third time as chief minister.

In July 2020, Pilot took up arms against Gehlot and, with the help of MLAs who were on his side, set up camp in Haryana. After the Congress accused him of working with the BJP to get rid of the Gehlot government, there were rumours that Pilot might join the BJP.

Pilot, on the other hand, insisted that he would not join the BJP.

After the Gandhi family talked to him about it and reassured him that his problems would be fixed, he finally said that he would go back to Rajasthan.

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