Can you prepare fish for Bengalis? Paresh Rawal’s speech in Gujarat is criticised. He makes clear.

When Paresh Rawal was running for office in Gujarat before the first round of voting, he said that although gas prices would eventually drop, “what will you do with gas cylinders?” He asked, “Cook fish for Bengalis?” when discussing border security.
Prior to the first phase of the Assembly election, which was held on December 1, actor and former BJP MP Paresh Rawal ran a campaign in Gujarat. As a result of a viral video of his campaign address in Valsad, social media users have accused him of harbouring animosity for Bengalis. Paresh Rawal clarified his remark on Friday, saying he wasn’t targeting Bengalis but rather illegal Bangladeshis. He also expressed regret for the comment.
Gas cylinder prices are high, but they will decrease. People will also find work. But what would happen if Bangladeshis and Rohingya migrants start settling nearby, like in Delhi? What are your plans for gas cylinders? Fish is cooked for the Bengalis?” During his remarks on Tuesday, Paresh Rawal stated. The former actor-turned-politician claimed that Gujarat could take inflation but not this. “How they use foul language. According to DeshGujarat, “One of them needs to put a diaper over his mouth.
Paresh Rawal made fun of fish-eating Bengalis and linked it to Rohingyas; in response, Trinamool MP Kirti Azad questioned whether Rawal was implying that the BSF and the Union home ministry were ineffective given that he said Bangladeshis and Rohingyas were entering India.
Social media users criticised Paresh Rawal’s speech as “xenophobia and dog whistling against Rohingya and Bangladeshi Muslims,” adding that his animosity for Bengalis who eat fish wasn’t particularly subdued. At least we Bengalis cook fish instead of spewing hate and venom. And in his most recent movie, this man played a Bengali, and a legendary Bengali at that. Bengal should not watch any of @SirPareshRawal’s films “a user of social media wrote.
Paresh Rawal apologised, saying that Gujaratis also eat fish and that he didn’t want to criticise Bengalis, but rather illegal Bangladeshis.
Naturally, the fish itself is not the problem because Gujaratis do cook and consume fish. But let me be clear: I meant illegal BANGLA DESHI N ROHINGYA when I said “Bengali.” However, I really apologise if I have offended your feelings and sentiments, Paresh Rawal stated.
Over 23,976,670 voters registered to vote in 89 constituencies during the first round of voting on Thursday. On December 5, the second phase will take place. December 8 is the date for the counting.

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