The $4 billion petrochemical facility, the worldwide news brand, the super app, and more are all on Gautam Adani’s new agenda.

Adani also seeks to expand internationally, securing port contracts in Sri Lanka and constructing a power plant in India to serve Bangladesh, which is right next door.

Adani Group Chairman Gautam Adani has stated that he intends to create a worldwide news brand, compete for power projects in Israel, develop a super app in India, and invest more than $4 billion in a petrochemical plant in Gujarat, all indications of his soaring international ambition.

Asia’s wealthiest man posed the question, “Why can’t you assist one media organisation to become independent and have a worldwide footprint?” in a lengthy interview with Financial Times. questioned Adani, whose new media division in August began an aggressive purchase of NDTV. He said that India lacked any outlets comparable to the Financial Times or Al Jazeera.
Adani claimed that rather than an economic opportunity, the acquisition of NDTV represented a “duty.” “(Media) independence implies that if the government has acted improperly, you should call it out. However, you should also have bravery when the government consistently upholds the law. You must include that.
Prannoy Roy, the creator and owner of NDTV, was invited to continue serving as chair, he said, adding that the expense of forming an international media company would be “negligible” for the conglomerate. This year, Adani’s AMG Media Network also acquired stock in BQ Prime, formerly known as BloombergQuint, a platform for business news.

Adani disputed that entering the petrochemical industry would put him in direct conflict with fellow billionaire Mukesh Ambani. There is no rivalry, he declared. India is a vast market with room for expansion, and everyone is welcome.
The coal-to-ports billionaire reiterated his group’s intention to invest $70 billion in a renewable energy value chain in the interview with FT. By 2050, India’s energy consumption is predicted to increase by 400% due to economic development, and the nation would go through “unprecedented” energy transformation to meet this need, he added.

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