Who is Suella Braverman, the UK interior minister whose comments against India ignited a controversy?

The second senior cabinet minister to leave in the past week was Britain’s interior minister Suella Braverman, who announced her resignation on Wednesday.
While citing a “technical” violation of government policy in her resignation letter—sending an official document from her personal email account—Braverman also criticised Prime Minister Liz Truss, stating that she had “concerns about the course of this government.” Grant Shapps, who didn’t support Truss for the PM position and was fired as transport minister when she took office, will be the UK’s new interior minister.
With her recent remarks regarding Indian migrants overstaying their visas, Braverman recently threw a wrench in the works of the trade agreement between India and the UK. Later, in what appeared to be a course adjustment, she stated that “the stories of India and the UK are so closely connected that they are essentially the same story.”

Suella Braverman’s identity

Braverman, a 42-year-old attorney and leader of the Conservative Party, was elected from Fairham to the UK Parliament in 2015 and held the office of attorney general for England and Wales from 2020 to 2022. She supported the Brexit movement and worked as a junior minister in Theresa May’s Brexit department, but she quit over her proposed Brexit plan because she felt it fell short of fully severing ties with the EU.

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