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Lord Rami Ranger of the UK stated in a BBC documentary on PM Modi that the timing of India assuming the G20 Presidency was nefarious.

An official complaint has been made against the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) about their documentary series on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi by Lord Rami Ranger, a prominent member of the UK Parliament’s House of Lords.
Rami Ranger questioned the nefarious timing of the documentary in a letter to Tim Davie, Director General of the BBC, in which he denounced the film. “The timing for the BBC programme on the Gujarat riots is diabolical considering India and the UK are negotiating a free trade agreement, India has taken over the G20 chairmanship, and the UK has a prime minister of Indian descent,” he added.” By creating such an insensitive, one-sided documentary, he claimed that the film had displayed a lack of vision, common sense, and judgement. As he said, “I find the BBC programme, which was shown on January 17, 2023 and accused the Hon. Prime Minister of India of being responsible for the riots in Gujarat in 2002, abhorrent. By creating such an insensitive, one-sided documentary, the producer has demonstrated a lack of vision, common sense, and judgement.”
India: The Modi Question is a documentary by BBC. The documentary series’ premiere episode aired on Tuesday before being taken down from YouTube on Wednesday. The second episode of the series is slated to air on January 24. The show examines Narendra Modi’s tenure as Gujarat’s chief minister.
The programme, according to the BBC, will look at how “repeated claims regarding the attitude of his government toward India’s Muslim majority have haunted Narendra Modi’s premiership.”
Further in the letter, Rami Ranger expressed his displeasure that the documentary criticises not only the twice-elected prime minister of the largest democracy in the world but also the judiciary and the Parliament, who thoroughly probed Modi and cleared him.
As the founder and chairman of the Pakistan-Indian and UK Friendship Forum, we have spent more than 25 years working to strengthen relationships between two British groups, specifically those of Indian and Pakistani ancestry, in order to increase social cohesion in the UK “he stated.
renowned Indian origin The documentary series has received harsh criticism from UK residents and other Indian diaspora people.
According to the letter from Lord Rami Ranger, the BBC programme has reopened old wounds by inciting animosity between British Hindus and Muslims by portraying India as an intolerable country where Muslims are persecuted.
The UK legislator also stated that while he deplores any acts of homicide and violence, he also deplores those who incite religious intolerance by bringing up Indian subcontinental politics in the UK.
On Thursday, India condemned the contentious BBC prime minister documentary series and referred to it as “propaganda piece” that was intended to forward a discredited thesis.
External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi said during a weekly media briefing: “The agency and people who are once again pushing this narrative are, if anything, being reflected in this movie or documentary. It makes us ponder the point of this exercise and the motivations behind them. To be honest, we don’t want to elevate such initiatives.”
The MEA representative claimed that the documentary is a reflection of the BBC and of those pushing this narrative once more.
In the British Parliament, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of the United Kingdom backed PM Modi in relation to the BBC programme. Sunak claimed he “doesn’t agree with the portrayal” of his Indian counterpart and ignored Pakistani-born British MP Imran Hussain.

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