Suryakumar Yadav plays anime cricket in defiance of reality.

Beginning of the 19th over. The ball is in Lockie Ferguson’s hands. He also has a plan. The first strategy that springs to mind when facing a power batter who is on a tear. The broad yorker around 150 km/h. In the best case scenario, it will be too fast to touch. At the very least, it will be too far away to harm the environment permanently. All of it is fair, with the exception of a minor issue.
He was clutching a cricket bat like most people do, around half a second ago. over the grip with hands. The bottom one has moved into position beneath it in preparation for a shot that shouldn’t have been conceivable.
The entire planet is moving slowly. The yorker will soon touch down close to the wide line. Suryakumar is standing eerily motionless as his hands are getting ready, his eyes are fixed on the ball, and his mind is working on quantum geometry.

Contact is made by the bat. Suryakumar is able to gain leverage into his shot because he has modified his grip. Boom. Fourth guy to third.
Since you can only come down on the ball with the yorker in T20 cricket, no matter how much force you put into the stroke, it doesn’t actually move very far when that happens.

With his bat rising to meet the ball, Suryakumar was able to get beneath it. The ball, which was travelling at about 150 km/h, only needed a tickle to find the boundary.

He invented the game that he currently plays. It’s not actual cricket, though. Cricket anime style.

Consider this. He hits 51 balls for 111 points. His colleagues at the opposite end make 44 off of 38 at the same time, on the same field, and against the same opponents. He scored seven sixes and eleven fours. Together, the rest of India manages seven fours and two sixes. This animation is timeless. Making fun of everything that came before them and everything that will come after them with one superpower.

Suryakumar is great in more ways than only his strokeplay. Additionally, he has exceptional game reading skills. Let’s revisit that wide yorker one again. If he had not planned the shot, he would not have been able to finish it. Additionally, he planned the shot since he knew what was coming for him.

Slower balls into the wicket from New Zealand had been handled by him. They just slipped onto his bat and out of the ground on a pitch that had received a significant quantity of rain.

Even the futility of concealing the ball had been demonstrated by him. He was successful in cutting a short ball away to the point boundary in the 17th over after backing away to the incorrect side. The most valuable quality of a power hitter is his balance. It is a bowler’s duty to take that course. Tim Southee performed flawlessly. He still attempted four, though.

New Zealand has been pushed to the limit by Suryakumar. And he was aware of what they would do when they arrived. Bring their quickest bowler to the crease and instruct him to aim for the tramlines.

Although everyone has been viewing this man as the hero, his actions are distinctly those of an anime villain. Destroying the opponent piece by piece, painstakingly, will-to-fight-sappingly, and then defeating them with the most magnificent last assault. Vegeta might be pleased.
India as a whole is in desperate need of more players like Suryakumar. However, this one has just arrived after ten years of futile attempts to make the national squad. He had the motivation to invest all that time in bettering himself, first to catch up with the game’s rules and then, when he was still unable to enter, to go even farther.
Because they are already present, Rishabh Pant, Ishan Kishan, and Deepak Hooda are unable to perform any of those tasks. They lack the time to disassemble their whole game and reconstruct it from scratch. Not to mention that they will be completely memed the moment they attempt to play like Suryakumar and fail.
For a second SKY to develop, India as a whole, particularly the selectors and coaches, must adopt this style of batting (i.e., get rid of the fear of failing with it). And even then, it’ll take a very long time due to this person’s unfathomable mix of physical prowess, flexibility (particularly in the wrist), and inventiveness. But there are some encouraging indicators. Three balls into his innings, Shreyas Iyer made a scoop.

With the addition of AB de Villiers, cricket underwent a complete 180. It could fully embrace anime in the upcoming years owing to one very exceptional player.

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