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“Virat Kohli can’t stop laughing at journalist’s question about ‘Ee Sala Kab Nahi’ line”

Virat Kohli, the captain of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL), couldn’t stop laughing during a recent press conference when a journalist asked him about the famous line “Ee Sala Kab Nahi” that has become synonymous with RCB and their fans.

The line, which roughly translates to “when will we win the IPL?” has been used by RCB fans for years, and even the players themselves have been known to use it in their social media posts.

When the journalist asked Kohli about the line, he couldn’t help but burst out laughing, saying “that’s two pluses for you, well done!” The RCB captain went on to say that the phrase has become a part of the team’s culture and that they embrace it.

Kohli’s reaction to the question was typical of the team’s lighthearted approach to the game. Despite never winning an IPL title, the RCB remains one of the most popular teams in the tournament, thanks in part to their passionate fan base and the team’s star-studded lineup.

The RCB is set to begin their IPL 2022 campaign soon, and fans will be hoping that this is the year that the team finally breaks their trophy drought. Whether or not they succeed, one thing is for sure: the spirit of “Ee Sala Kab Nahi” will continue to live on.

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