Get these 23 premium versions of applications for Android and iOS for free!

Each week at NextPit, looking for free app bargains on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store is a thankless work. These apps are, of course, generally premium software, but for whatever reason, they are now momentarily free to download. Who doesn’t enjoy receiving free things?
Twice a week, this list of free applications will be updated. Of course, the standard disclaimer applies: although these applications were free at the time of publication, they may have become paid by the time you read this post or actually download any of the mentioned apps. While finding Google Play Store software deals is very simple, finding Apple App Store promotions is more challenging since Apple never makes it clear how long a discount is good for.

Read the whole guide on discovering free apps for iOS and Android.
Here is a fast hint: You can install any intriguing apps or games you find on our list even if you don’t have a need for them right yet or have limited capacity on your smartphone. You may then remove the freshly downloaded app from your smartphone because it will have been added to your app library. This makes it possible for you to install it later if needed. This is a tried-and-true way to make the most of a fleeting promotion.

Android temporary free applications from the Google Play Store

Applications for Android’s productivity and lifestyle that are momentarily free on Google Play

Stark Dumbbell ($4.99) is an app that assists you with dumbbell training rather than being related to Iron Man.
An MP3 player that truly kicks the llama’s ass, but not! Pro MP3 Player – Qamp ($1.19)
($2.49) QR/Barcode Scanner Pro: A handy programme that can read both barcodes and QR codes, in case you wish to switch from your usual one to anything else.
With Snipback ($2.99), you may access the highlights of any background sound, audio, music, or speech as notes.

On the Google Play Store, there are currently no cost Android games.

Grow Spaceship ($1.99) is a shooter in which you face off against swarms of foes, yet you are not completely vulnerable.
A first-person shooter that lets you battle the powers of evil is called Dungeon Shooter: Dark Temple ($2.49).
How will your group of monsters perform in comparison to other groups? LeagueMon VIP ($1.99) Make every effort to level them up!
Second Memory of a Hero ($0.99): a clone of Link that roams around exploring dungeons, murdering everyone he sees and plundering everything he can. There is nothing not to adore.
Think you have what it takes to become a chef of the highest calibre? Try Cooking Quest ($0.99). Then, this game will put to the test if you have what it takes to satisfy picky consumers.
A Pokemon clone that doesn’t really leave much to the imagination is Neo Monsters ($0.99).
You are investigating a house that appears to contain more than its fair share of ghouls and other supernatural beings in Paranormal Territory ($0.49).

iOS applications that are momentarily free from the Apple App Store

The Apple App Store now offers these iOS productivity and leisure applications for free.

Image Size ($0.99) is a helpful tool for batch resizing and photo compression, which helps you save up space on your device.
With the help of the $1.99 app ClonErase Camera, you can do photographic magic by having the same subject appear in several locations inside the same image!
With the help of its built-in thesaurus, Word Watch ($3.99), a keyword research tool, you may focus on the most appropriate keywords.
($1.99) Windy White Noise Sleep Sounds: Have difficulties falling asleep? By playing the appropriate noises, this app could be of assistance.

The Apple App Store currently has no cost iOS games.

Dwarves are well renowned for their love of all things shiny and gold; let’s see how he makes his way through this maze and escapes unhurt (and wealthy!).
Here’s how to play poker solo: buy Poker Pop ($2.99)!
Let your children experience Peppa Pig’s world with various activities that will keep them fascinated to the screen with Peppa Pig: Golden Boots ($3.99)!
(9.99) Wild West Shooting Games: In this third-person shooter, you brandish a gun and use your accurate shooting to keep foes at bay.
Paintiles ($2.99) allows you to clean the board and go on to the next level by painting tiles such that their colours match.
Performing monstrous stunts are monster trucks in “Monster Stunts” ($1.99). What more do you require?
Best Bike Remember Motorcross Maniacs? That’s the best motorcycle stunt ($1.99). In any case, you can play a much nicer looking version of this game right now on your iOS smartphone!
In order to go on to the next level in the puzzle game PixelMaze ($0.99), you must find inventive solutions to the puzzles.

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