Kannada was Google’s response to the “ugliest language” query. there is an apology.

Kannada was Google's response to the "ugliest language".

Key sentence:

  • Google ended up at the less than desirable finish of serious analysis over its search items.
  • The appropriate response is Kannada, spoken by around 40 million individuals in South India.
  • Particularly with regards to Kannada, double then consideration ought to be taken. 

On Thursday, Google, the US-based internet searcher monster, ended up at the less than desirable finish of serious analysis over its search items that returned Kannada in response to an inquiry on India’s “ugliest language”. 

According to the image shared widely on social media:

As indicated by the picture shared generally via online media, the response to an inquiry, “What is the ugliest language in India?” was Kannada. 

“The appropriate response is Kannada spoken by around 40 million individuals in south India,” as indicated by a screen capture of the query items. 

The reaction from the Kannada language speakers:

The reaction from the Kannada language speakers, which is one of the public dialects in the nation, was unconstrained to such an extent that #Kannada was moving on the microblogging website Twitter the nation over. Other hashtags like #KannadaQueenOfAllLanguages likewise kept on moving on Twitter. 

Google later erased the reaction that had outraged individuals, saying the query items weren’t generally great. 

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Google spokesperson stated in response:

“In some cases, how the substance is depicted on the Internet can yield astounding outcomes to explicit inquiries. 

We realize this isn’t ideal, yet we make a quick refreshing move when we are mindful of an issue and are consistently attempting to improve our calculations. 

Normally, these are not intelligent of the assessments of Google, and we apologize for the misconception and harming any feelings,” a Google representative said in a reaction to Hindustan Times. 

However, that was later. For quite a long time, netizens and government officials from all significant gatherings in Karnataka took to online media to condemn the Sundar Pichchai-drove organization. 

Kannada and culture said in a Twitter post:

“Kannada language has a past filled with its own, having appeared upwards of 2,500 years prior! It has been the pride of Kannadigas all through these more than two centuries,” Arvind Limbavali, Karnataka’s priest for woodland, Kannada and culture, said in a Twitter post. 

“If Kannada is presently called ugliest language in India, it is just an endeavour by @Google. 

To affront this pride of Kannadigas. Request expression of remorse from @Google ASAP to Kannada, Kannadigas. The lawful move will be made against @Google for insulting the picture of our lovely language!” he added. 

PC Mohan, BJP member of parliament Central posted on Twitter:

“Home to the incomparable Vijayanagara Empire, #Kannada language has a rich legacy, a brilliant heritage and a remarkable culture. 

One of the world’s most established dialects, Kannada had extraordinary researchers who composed legends much before Geoffrey Chaucer was brought into the world in the fourteenth century. Apologize @GoogleIndia,” PC Mohan, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) individual from parliament from Bengaluru Central, posted on Twitter. 

HD Kumaraswamy, the former chief minister, stated in a post in Kannada on Twitter:

“This screw up isn’t adequate. With regards to language, whoever it is ought to watch out. Particularly with regards to Kannada, double then consideration ought to be taken. 

Something else, there will be nothing unexpected if the dignity of Kannadiga’s that turned into a wave in only 60 minutes, can transform into a Tsunami,” HD Kumaraswamy, previous boss pastor and Janata Dal (Secular) pioneer, said in a post in Kannada on Twitter.

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