Not vulnerable to the same trend in digital advertising expenditure as Snap, Meta, and Alphabet are Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon.

The Nasdaq 100 index, which includes the top firms in the communication and technology industries, declines by roughly 33% in 2022. A significant portion of such decline may be attributable to falling values brought on by rising rates. The effect the rate increase is having on the macroeconomic framework of the economy is another factor. These IT behemoths rely on the software services and corporate spending on digital advertising to support their core businesses.

When large tech earnings start to come in this week, Sheraz Mian, Director of Research at Zacks, gives a comprehensive overview of the revenue models of the top-5 tech firms and what to anticipated.

In the present uncertain macroeconomic situation, the Snap quarterly report compelled us to once again search for hints to assist evaluate the forecast for digital advertising expenditure. Due to the harsh shock from the Instagram competitor, attention is now focused on other tech titans who are scheduled to announce third-quarter earnings this week.

This week’s “Big 5 Tech companies” include Alphabet, Microsoft, Instagram parent Meta Platforms, Apple, and Amazon. They will all release earnings reports after the market closes on Tuesday, October 25, Wednesday, July 26, and Thursday, July 27.

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