WhatsApp service restoration following significant outage

Update: If it hasn’t already, WhatsApp services are back online, and users should soon be able to use the app. WhatsApp is currently functional on WhatsApp Web, Android, and iOS apps. Although some users claim that services on WhatsApp Web are still not functioning, your phone app should be functional.
This week’s significant outage of WhatsApp, the well-known instant messaging service owned by Meta and used by many for speedy chatting, lasted for about two hours. This prevented millions of WhatsApp users from sending or receiving messages globally.

A spokeswoman for Meta Company said, “The brief outage was caused by a technical issue on our part and has since been repaired.
Both private and group chats were affected by the outage, according to The outage monitoring service DownDetector revealed that numerous customers across various areas were experiencing problems with WhatsApp.

Since the broader Meta outage on October 5 that affected millions of users over the course of many hours before the services were restored, this was WhatsApp’s first significant outage.
The interruption was acknowledged by Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, and a spokeswoman claimed that “the momentary outage was caused by a technical issue on our part and has already been repaired.”

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