You could soon be able to modify your WhatsApp messages.

The most recent WhatsApp iOS beta has messages that may be edited.

Mistakes in WhatsApp messages irritate me every day. Even if autocorrect does its best, if you’ve ever had your phone substitute the term “ducking” for anything more offensive, you know it’s not perfect.

There isn’t much you can do if you make a mistake in a WhatsApp message after it has been delivered. Your only choices are to erase the offending message, leaving a strange gap on the recipient’s phone, or to make things right with a quick follow-up.

However, it appears that the Meta-owned business is preparing a third choice soon. Users may soon have the option to modify messages after they have been delivered, according to WABetaInfo, who has been investigating WhatsApp’s most recent beta version for the iPhone.

The function may be accessed through the context menu that displays when you long-press a message, which is also where existing features like Forward, Reply, and Star are located. To edit a message, simply long-press it and select Edit.
This does have certain restrictions, though. The first thing to note is that every altered message will have a little label with the phrase “Edited” next to it. This is a basic safety measure to guard against those who want to gaslight their contacts.

Secondly, the ability to modify messages is now limited to the first 15 minutes after sending. If you don’t catch a typo within 15 minutes of emailing, you probably never will, therefore this is a generous window.

Last but not least, there is now only a text message editing option available, with no support for captions of photographs, videos, or documents.

This function is now in its early phases, similar to the impending ability to message oneself, and according to WABetaInfo, it will only be made available to a small number of beta users at first. However, given where it’s at now, it won’t be long until you can afford to be a little more casual with your WhatsApp messaging.

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