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Adil Khan, the spouse of Rakhi Sawant, confirms the union: “Had to deal with a few things, therefore I had to be silent”

Rakhi Sawant has a sizable following on her social media accounts and has worked in the industry for a considerable amount of time. Rakhi is renowned for garnering media attention due to her contentious remarks and private life. Rakhi recently shocked her followers by delivering incredible news regarding her private life. The actress made a marriage announcement to her longtime partner, Adil Khan Durrani. For those who are unaware, Rakhi and Adil have been dating for a while and are frequently seen together in public. Rakhi posted images of her wedding to Adil, and they quickly went viral. Netizens were perplexed, though, because Adil had not published any photos or information about their wedding.
Adil Khan Durrani finally shared a photo of their wedding with Rakhi on Instagram after keeping their nuptials a secret for several days. Both are wearing garlands in this photo, and Rakhi is dressed in an ethnic floral suit in pink and white, while Adil is sporting a laid-back black shirt and pair of denim trousers. Adil addressed many myths and explained his silence on his marriage to Rakhi by sharing this wedding picture.

Adil penned: “So, finally, I’m going to say that I’m not married to you, Rakhi. Rakhi (pappudi) and I just had a few things to take care of, thus our marriage had to be peaceful and cheerful.” “Thanks jaan lots of love,” Rakhi Sawant wrote in a comment on her husband’s post. A number of celebrities, including Devoleena Bhattacharjee and Ankita Lokhande Jain, also wished the newlyweds “Congratulations” in the comment area.
Adil recently confirmed his marriage to Rakhi in a discussion with ETimes, saying, “Actually, Rakhi and I are wed. We are content to coexist as a unit.” But when asked if his family had welcomed Rakhi, he responded, “We have a procedure that is challenging (it is an ongoing process). It’ll require some time.” For the uninitiated, Rakhi Sawant and Adil Khan Durrani began dating following the actress’s divorce from her ex-husband Ritesh. She later revealed to the press and her followers that she was dating Adil, a businessman from Mysore. Both have been outspoken about their romance, and they frequently appeared together in public throughout the city.

Rakhi Sawant discusses her union as follows:

Rakhi Sawant said in an exclusive interview with ETimes that she married Adil Khan Durrani in July 2022 after only three months of dating him. She also said that their court marriage came after a nikah ceremony. Adil intended to keep their wedding a secret, according to Rakhi, since if anyone knew about it, it would have been harder for him to find his sister a husband. Rakhi complied with Adil’s request not to mention their marriage to anybody, which is why she kept their nuptials a secret. “According to him, Rakhi Sawant ke saath judoge toh tumne badnaami lee hai,” Rakhi continued.

Rakhi went on to say that there are issues between the two of them and claimed that a lot occurred recently while she was imprisoned inside the Bigg Boss Marathi 4 house. Additionally, she stated that she will discuss it when the time is perfect and that she is now trying to save her marriage. And she added, “I want everyone to know that Adil and I are married. Isliye logon ke saamne meri shaadi aana zaroori hai, main bahut pareshan hoon.”

Rakhi is going through a challenging moment in her personal life as a result of her mother’s brain tumour. She uploaded a video asking for supporters’ prayers for her mother’s quick recovery.

Adil Khan Durrani’s profile:

The managing director of “Used Cars” is Mysore-based businessman Adil Khan Durrani. Additionally, his Instagram handle demonstrates his keen interest in expensive vehicles and equipment. After filing for divorce from his ex-husband Ritesh, Rakhi Sawant revealed him to the public as his boyfriend, catapulting him into the spotlight. Adil is a model-actor who has appeared in a music video with his girlfriend Rakhi. Additionally, he gave Rakhi a BMW and purchased a home in Dubai under her name.

Rakhi Sawant’s profile:

Rakhi Sawant last appeared in Season 4 of the popular yet contentious reality series Bigg Boss Marathi. She also participated in season 15 of the popular reality competition Bigg Boss, which is hosted by Salman Khan. After leaving the Bigg Boss 15 house, the couple broke up, and Rakhi announced their breakup on her social media accounts.

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