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Bigg Supervisor 16: Shalin Bhanot questions Tina Datta’s unwaveringness, last option yells ‘Don’t converse with me like that’

Bigg Supervisor 16 has snared the consideration of the majority to its drawing in happy, and fans are partaking in the constant show, the developing kinships, and the romantic tales shaped in this house. A few challengers are preferred by the crowds for their quiet coy, while others are getting eyeballs for their unfiltered conduct. In this show, consistently the condition between the candidates’ changes, and it either develops further or more vulnerable step by step. One such astounding occurrence will be found in the impending episode of the show, where two dear companions contend to make their statement.

Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot contend:
Today, Varieties television shared a new promotion of Bigg Manager 16 on its true Twitter handle. In this promotion, we see Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot sitting in the little space developed close to the nursery region. In a discussion, Shalin questions Tina, “Aapne simple baare mei bura bola?” To this, Tina immedially rejects and says, “Bura nahi bola hai mene.” Shalin then tells her you said, “Joh hume hey dhoka de diya voh tumko bhi dhoka dega.” Tina stills decline the allegations, and we then, at that point, see Gautam Singh Vig sitting with them. Tina then lets Gautam know that as indicated by Shalin he’s great, and she’s a terrible individual.

Shalin then, at that point, calls Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Sumbul Touqeer and questions them, “Kabhi bhi mene Tina ke baare mei bura bola hai aapko?” Nimrit says, “No”. Tina then lets them know that even she has not spoken anything terrible about him to anybody. Shalin quickly tells Tina not to talk in that frame of mind of the discussion. Tina then gets angry and yells, “Don’t converse with me like that.” Shalin again faults Tina and says that she probably criticized him to others, yet he misunderstands entirely spoken nothing about her. This prompts conflicts among Tina and Shalin and the promotion closes with Shalin telling Tina, “I’m discussing mentality and not examination and on the off chance that you can’t grasp this, then, at that point, remain quiet about your demeanor.”

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