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PM Modi’s mother Heeraben passes away in Ahmedabad at age 99.

Heeraben had resided with Pankaj Modi, the PM’s younger brother, in the Raysan village neighbourhood of Gandhinagar.
Early on Friday morning, Heeraben Modi, the mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, passed away. She had reached her ninety-ninth year.
As he announced his mother’s passing, the Prime Minister wrote, “A beautiful century rests at the feet of God… In Maa, I have always felt that triad, which contains the path of an ascetic, the symbol of a selfless Karmayogi, and a life committed to principles.”
PM Modi landed in Gandhinagar, where he was to launch a number of projects. He was due to travel to West Bengal. The Prime Minister’s Office, or PMO, stated that he would participate in the Bengali programmes that are scheduled for today via video conference.

“PM @narendramodi will participate in the events that are scheduled for today in West Bengal via video conferencing. These events include the National Ganga Council meeting and the debut of significant connectivity-related projects, the PMO tweeted.
The prime minister, 72, was spotted carrying his mother’s coffin. The prime minister then climbed inside the ambulance once the body was placed there.

“In these trying times, we want to thank everyone for their prayers. We respectfully ask everyone to remember the departed soul while continuing with their already set plans and obligations. That would be a fair homage to Hiraba, according to a family source, who spoke to NDTV.

Heeraben had resided with Pankaj Modi, the PM’s younger brother, in the Raysan village neighbourhood of Gandhinagar. During his frequent trips to Gujarat, the Prime Minister would spend time with his mother and travel to Raysan.

PM Modi blogged on her 99th birthday in June of this year. The prime minister discussed many parts of his mother’s life in the blog, citing how they “formed his thinking, attitude, and self-confidence.” It will be 100 years since her birth this year. If my father had been still living, he too would have turned 100 last week. As my mother’s centenary year begins and my father’s would have ended in 2022, it will be a significant year,” he had stated in the blog post.

According to the prime minister’s blog, his mother had a very tough upbringing compared to him. He also notes that she lost her mother young, which continued to hurt her.

To help with the costs of living, mother used to wash cutlery at a few homes. The Prime Minister stated, recalling the early years of adversity for the family, “She would also take out time to spin the charkha to supplement our meagre income.

She gives me sweets made by her own hands every time I visit her in Gandhinagar. She pulls out a napkin and wipes my face when I’ve finished eating, just like a devoted mother does for her little child. The Prime Minister noted his mother’s attention to cleanliness in his letter, stating that “she was exceedingly careful that the bed should be spotless and neatly laid out. She always has a napkin or small towel tucked into her saree.”

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