From July 1, Punjab AAP government has kept its commitment to give each household 300 free units of electricity.

bhagwant mann
bhagwant mann

From July 1, the Punjab AAP government will distribute 300 units of free power to every household. Aam Aadmi Party chief minister Bhagwant Mann made the declaration in a video message before the February assembly election. Mann also mentioned that BPL and backward caste households would get the same 300 free units. They used to get 200 free units of power.

On July 1, 2022, every Punjab home would get 300 free units of power every month for two months. “Used to be 200 units of free power for BC, BPL, and freedom warrior homes, now they receive 300,” Mann told media.

A household that uses more than 600 units of power in two months (640 or 645 units) will only be charged for the extra 40 or 45 units used. Mann enlightened.

“AAP gov. has made records in Puniab,” he added. It has done more for the state’s citizens than any previous government.”

In a statement, he stated, “Arvind Kejriwal and I actually recall all of the pledges made to the people of Punjab ahead of the state elections, and we intend to keep all of those commitments.”
“Had a wonderful meeting with Arvind Kejriwal, our leader and Delhi Chief Minister.

“Will update soon,” he tweeted.

Party sources say Mann met with Kejriwal on Tuesday.

Kejriwal has not explained if the free units were per month since Punjab has a two-month billing cycle.

While campaigning for his party, Kejriwal slammed the then-Congress government for long power cuts and high rates, claiming the state had surplus electricity to distribute.

Punjab now provides free electricity to farmers.

The AAP provides free power to all Delhi families.

Mann and his officials will also visit Delhi schools Monday to see the Aam Aadmi Party’s’remarkable development’.

Mr. Bhagwant Mann and his officials will visit our government schools on April 18. They are visiting to learn how to develop in Punjab.” he said.

The AAP campaigned in Punjab, promising better education and health services.

The Punjab cabinet announced this month that it will provide 25,000 government employment.

He also announced a personal WhatsApp anti-corruption helpline.

In the February assembly elections, the AAP won 92 of the state’s 117 seats. Internal squabbling and a leadership crisis cost Congress just 18 seats.


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