If and when necessary, the US will continue to carry out drone strikes in Afghanistan.

drone strikes

Drone attacks against ISIS-K and other targets within Afghanistan will continue as needed, according to Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby. The US administration has made this clear, according to Kirby.

The United States has recently launched multiple drone strikes on a “ISIS-K planner” and a “suicide car bomber,” both of whom were linked to the terrorist organisation that claimed responsibility for the suicide bombings that killed 13 American military members. In the event of future threats, Kirby told Fox News that the Pentagon may resort to drone strikes.

NPR cited Kirby as saying “We have the capabilities from an over-the-horizon approach to ensure our national security interests are preserved and defended” in an interview with Fox News.

The following is all that Kirby had to say on prospective operations without delving into hypotheticals or making predictions: “As long as we have them, we’ll make use of them if the situation calls for it.

The ultimate, haphazard, and disorganised departure of American forces from the country’s longest combat took place on Tuesday morning.

He cautioned the Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISIS-K), the terrorist group responsible for the Kabul airport suicide bombing that killed 13 US troops, and said he was not finished with ISIS-K during a national address on Afghanistan’s 20-year conflict.

The vice president also said, “Those who wish to attack the United States of America should know that we will find you and make sure you pay a heavy price. We’re not done with you yet, ISIS-K.

Vice President Biden defended his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by stating that the only alternative to deploying more soldiers to the country was “between leaving and escalating,” a choice that has been criticised for the way it was carried out.

“I wasn’t going to extend this infinite war or a forever getaway,” he declared.

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