On Oskar Sala’s 112th birthday, Google made a special Doodle to honour the German electronic music pioneer.

Oskar Sala's 112th birthday

On Monday, July 18, 2022, Google made a special Doodle to honour Oskar Sala, a German musician who was one of the first to make electronic music. On this day, physicist Oskar Sala would have turned 112 years old. His mother was a singer, and his father was an eye doctor who also played music. When he was 14, he started writing songs and tunes for the violin and piano.

Oskar Sala became well-known for making sound effects on an instrument called a mixture-trautonium.

Sala was initially interested in the trautonium’s noises and technology. His goal of mastering and making trautonium was what drove him to study physics and writing in school “Google said so.

After making his own instrument, the mixture-trautonium, he started making electronic music with a sound that was different from what other people were doing.

Sala is known as the “one-man orchestra.” He invented the Quartett-Trautonium, the Concert Trautonium, and the Volkstrautonium. He also started the field of subharmonics.

Oskar Sala wrote music for many TV, radio, and movie shows and movies.
Oskar Sala wrote songs and sound effects for many radio, TV, and movie projects, such as Rosemary (1959) and The Birds (1962). The machine made noises like birds screaming, hammering, and doors and windows slamming.

In 1995, he gave the German Museum for Contemporary Technology the first batch of tautonium that he had made.

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