Ukraine will get an additional 1.3 billion pounds in military aid from the United Kingdom.


The statement comes ahead of a planned video conversation between Group of Seven leaders and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday.
Since President Vladimir Putin’s invasion on Feb. 24, Prime Minister Johnson has been one of the most vocal advocates of Ukraine’s resistance. ABM, ADS, and other weaponry have been given to Ukraine by Johnson’s government.

The latest plan virtually doubles Britain’s previous pledges to Ukraine, and the government claims it is the highest pace of spending on a fight since the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

“Putin’s barbaric action is harming peace and security across Europe,” Johnson said in a statement. He was the first Western leader to address the Ukrainian parliament since the invasion began.

The G7 leaders will meet virtually with Zelensky on Sunday, the day before Russia celebrates Victory Day, the end of WWII in Europe.

The extra money for Ukraine will come from a government reserve designated for emergencies.

As a result of the situation in Ukraine, Johnson will host a gathering of prominent defence corporations later this month.

Britain has supplied major military assistance but has only welcomed a small number of the over 5 million Ukrainian refugees. The British government announced on Saturday that it had awarded over 86,000 visas to Ukrainians, 27,000 of whom had arrived.

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