Yo Yo Honey Singh reveals Tina Thadani is his girlfriend and that she chose the name for his upcoming album.

The relationship between rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh and model Tina Thadani has been made public. Following his divorce from Shalini Talwar by three months, he made his relationship with Tina official.
Yesterday, the Internet was flooded with images and videos of rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh strolling beside model Tina Thadani. At a recent function in Delhi, the two were walking together while wearing matching black outfits. Tina was spotted wearing a black dress with a thigh-high slit, while Honey Singh was dressed up in a black suit and white shirt. Honey Singh said he is dating her at the same occasion. Three months after divorcing his wife Shalini Talwar, Honey Singh made his relationship with Tina public. In a social media video that has gone viral, he introduces her as his girlfriend and reveals that she served as the inspiration for the album’s title, Honey 3.0.
In the video, Honey Singh can be seen discussing his new album live. He then designates Tina as his girlfriend while pointing in her direction. He also said that she served as the inspiration for the album’s title. “Isne mujhe ye naam dia hai, Tina is my girlfriend,” I said. You are Honey 3.0 from Isne Bola You are in your third lifetime. This is your third life, my girlfriend Tina, who is seated nearby, said me as she gave me the name Honey 3.0. In the video, he is heard saying, “And that’s how my third album and its title came about. He continued by saying that he had written 48 songs, of which he had chosen 10 to include on the CD. Recently, Tina Thadani and Honey Singh collaborated on the song “Paris Ka Trip,” which featured Tina.
The separation of Yo Yo Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar
Yo Yo Honey Singh’s divorce with Shalini Talwar made news a few months ago. Honey Singh and Shalini Talwar got hitched in January 2011 and divorced in September of this year, ending their 11-year union formally. The divorce was finalised in September of this year after the couple filed for divorce in 2021. For the divorce settlement, Honey Singh reportedly paid alimony totaling Rs 1 crore.

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