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Google’s email service, Gmail, has been the market leader since it came out in 2004. Even though Yahoo Mail is much older than Gmail, it is not even close to being as popular as Gmail. Before Gmail came out, it and Hotmail had the most users. Gmail has at least 1.5 billion users, while Yahoo has 225 million.

People often say that the success of Gmail is due to its easy-to-use interface. It also has a huge number of features that make emailing much better. Automatic replies, email filtering and categorization, Gmail chat, and other features are some of our favourite things about Gmail.

But users don’t know about some cool things that Gmail can do. Using these hidden Gmail features will help you be more productive and enjoy browsing Gmail more. Some of the features are that you can schedule emails, set your default view, and see previews of emails.

Learn about these hidden features of Gmail.

Gmail is a great tool for both personal and business use. If you learn as much as you can about how it works, it will make your life easier than ever. Here are the best things about Gmail that you might not know about.

Change how emails are shown

Most Yahoo mail users who switch to Gmail do so for the same reason. Gmail shows less emails per scroll than Yahoo Mail. The obvious reason is that the default view for Yahoo Mail has less padding than the default view for Gmail. Each email’s attachment is also shown on its own line.

Many users don’t know that this view can be changed easily in Gmail’s Settings. In Gmail, you can choose from three Density options: Default, Comfortable, and Compact. When you first use Gmail, you’ll see the default view. Gmail’s Comfortable feature hides the attachments for each email, which saves space on each line. With Compact, Gmail goes one step further to make your email list as small as possible by getting rid of extra space between each email line.

Make the Reading Pane visible.

With Gmail’s Reading Pane feature, you could read your emails without having to click on each one and keep going back to your inbox.

When Reading Pane is enabled, your inbox is divided in half. On one side, your list of emails is shown, and on the other, the email you opened is shown. You can also decide where the Reading Pane will show up. It could be above or below the mailbox.

Emails can be set up at any time.

When you click the Send button, all of your emails are sent right away. On the other hand, Gmail lets you schedule when you want to send your emails. Email scheduling lets you tell Gmail to send your email at a certain time or date in the future. This feature is limited because you can only set up one email at a time.

When you work after your shift, this feature is very helpful. If your boss finds out you sometimes work late, you can get away from them. If you don’t want to bother your clients after hours, you might want to plan your emails for the next business day.

Ignore less critical emails

You can “snooze” an email in Gmail to move it out of your inbox for a while.

You can choose when the emails you snoozed will show up again in Gmail. You could choose what time and day you wanted the emails to come back.

Don’t send angry emails to your boss.

Everyone always thought the email would last forever. Once something was sent, you couldn’t take it back. Back then, you could be sure that your boss would read your angry email the next time he opened his inbox. Thanks to the Undo Send feature in Gmail, this is no longer the case.

For a short time after you send an email through Gmail, you can take it back. After you send an email, a button to go back will briefly appear in the bottom-left corner of the page. You can choose how long you can undo emails in Gmail, which is even better. To use this feature, go to Settings > General > Undo > Send under the Settings menu.

Sort your email by using labels and subfolders.

One of the best things about Gmail that users may like is how clean the interface is. Labels and subfolders can be used in Gmail to organise your emails into groups.

Filters can also be used to label emails or help Gmail put them in subfolders automatically. When you use the app in this way, you’ll never miss an important email.

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