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Drunk man pees on a woman on an Air India flight from New York to Delhi

Her clothes, shoes, and luggage were all covered in pee, the woman protested to the crew.

In November aboard an Air India trip to New Delhi, an inebriated passenger peed on a female co-passenger and then exited the plane without being dealt with. After the event, Air India filed a case and suggested that the disruptive passenger be put on the no-fly list.
The woman wrote to the group chairman of Air India, N Chandrasekaran, revealing the occurrence, and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has requested a report from the carrier.

The regulator declared, “We will punish anybody proven to have been careless.
A co-passenger in her 70s who was travelling in business class on an Air India aircraft from New York to Delhi was allegedly urinated on by the intoxicated customer on November 26. After dinner, the lights were turned down.

The man is said to have urinated and remained still until another passenger urged him to get out.

Her clothes, shoes, and luggage were all covered in pee, the woman protested to the crew. The crew allegedly provided her a change of clothing and some slippers before instructing her to go back to her seat.

The guy allegedly departed Delhi after the plane touched down without being held accountable for his atrocious behaviour.

The woman wrote to Mr. Chandrasekaran the following day, disappointed in the airline’s handling of the matter.

In response, Air India reported the man to the police. “Initiating an internal committee, Air India recommended adding the male passenger to the “no-fly list.” A decision on the case is pending and is being handled by a government committee, “added sources

The woman was offered a crew seat because, according to the letter she sent, she didn’t want to sit on the dirty seat. She claims that the crew instructed her to go back to her seat after an hour, even though it still reeked of urine and was covered with blankets. She stated that the team had cleaned the seat with disinfectant. She was offered another crew seat, where she spent the remainder of the flight, after adamantly declining to occupy the same one.

Although there were open seats in the business class, the woman claims she was not handed one.

This is the most recent instance of disorderly conduct on a flight.
On December 26, a number of passengers on a Thai Smile flight from Bangkok to Kolkata assaulted a fellow traveller for failing to adjust his seat before takeoff. I am not your servant, the hostess can be heard saying in a video that surfaced on December 16 of a fight on an IndiGo aircraft.

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