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After posting a photo of the Kokilaben hospital, internet users accuse Urvashi Rautela of stalking Rishabh Pant.

After a serious car accident, Rishabh Pant recently made headlines. His vehicle collided with a road divider, leaving him with severe wounds.
After a serious car accident, Rishabh Pant recently made headlines. The wicketkeeper-batsman was involved in an accident, according to sources, close to Roorkee in Uttarakhand. His automobile crashed into dividers on the road, caught fire, and he was left with severe wounds. It’s claimed that when the accident happened, he was travelling from Delhi to his birthplace of Roorkee. Pant was initially referred to a hospital in Dehradun but was later transferred to a private facility in Roorkee. In addition to a ligament injury to his right ankle, he apparently also sustained head injuries, according to police sources. We have already showed you videos from the hospital where the cricketer was recently transferred after being injured. In any case, Urvashi Rautela, who is frequently associated with the cricketer, has been drawing attention to herself on social media with her postings about Rishabh. A photo of Kokilaben Hospital is among the most recent.
Fans began connecting Urvashi Rautela and Rishabh Pant due to their social media banter, which began a few months ago. Urvashi attracted a lot of attention with her Instagram post where she published a photo of herself and wrote, “I’m praying,” shortly after Rishabh’s accident was reported. Later, her mother was also seen on social media praying for the cricketer’s quick recovery. The batsman is currently being treated at Mumbai’s Kokilaben Hospital, where the actress has now once more made headlines. Fans pondered whether she had visited him after hearing this tale. As a result, followers viciously mocked Urvashi for bothering Pant and called her out on it.

Urvashi Rautela was made fun of online.
Urvashi Rautela was trolled by internet users as soon as she posted the hospital photo. An individual who shared a screenshot of her Instagram story stated, “It’s bullying to think like this. If a guy committed this crime, he would either spend time in prison or become the subject of a Netflix crime documentary.” Another person said, “If you feel that @UrvashiRautela has to be tagged and the hashtag #GetWellSoonUrvashi used to finally be called out for this, then do so.” Many even referred to her as a “stalker.” Even more specifically, one commenter asked when #UrvashiRautela will receive a warning for harassing a man. “Such a Cheap Tricks For Fame,” another wrote. After a serious accident, he is not doing well. This is psychological harassment, not amusement anymore!

Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai receives an airlift for Rishabh Pant
An ambulance can be seen pulling up to Mumbai’s Kokilaben hospital in a recent video that has gone viral on social media. A police van followed the ambulance while Rishabh Pant was being chased by photographers who ran behind the ambulance. The cricketer was laying on a stretcher that was completely covered in blankets inside the ambulance. Also present in the van was medical personnel. Pant “shall be under the direct supervision of Dr. Dinshaw Pardiwala, Head – the Center for Sports Medicine, and Director – Arthroscopy and Shoulder Service at the hospital,” according to the BCCI. Throughout his healing and rehabilitation, Pant will be under under observation by the BCCI medical staff. “[Pant] will receive all the support he needs at this time, and the Board will use every effort to aid and speed his recovery process.”

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