In the midst of a crisis, the United Kingdom prepares for Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee.

Queen Elizabeth II's
Queen Elizabeth II's

British on Wednesday prepared for four days of celebrations to honour Queen Elizabeth II’s 70th year on the throne.
The Platinum Jubilee gives a brief relief from a price spike not seen since the 1970s. People are fighting to put food on the table and pay spiralling expenses.

Pubs, restaurants, and stores are expecting for a sales bump from Thursday’s public holidays and the weekend after the Covid epidemic.

The British Beer and Pub Association want to see pub grounds crowded with people toasting the Queen and supporting two British institutions.

In 1952, when the queen gained the throne, Britain had thousands fewer pubs.

Once the 96-year-old monarch dies, support for the monarchy is uncertain.

Prince Charles is taking up more of his mother’s state obligations, thus the first and likely last Platinum Jubilee signals a turning point.

The queen’s approval rating is 91.7%, according to The Sun. Charles got 67.5 percent, compared to Prince William’s 87.4 percent.


Unlike Charles, the queen rarely expresses an opinion in public, and her longevity makes her a fixture in practically every Briton’s life.

She overcame family traumas, including Charles’ public breakup from Princess Diana, and personal anguish when Prince Philip died last year, modernising the monarchy.

She had a rough flight from Balmoral to London.

Lightning forced her private jet to abort its landing Tuesday, The Sun reported.

On The Mall, leading to Buckingham Palace, royal fans are camping despite torrential rains.

“Last 24 hours were terrible. Rain, hail, thunder, lightning “Mary-Jane Willows, 68, told AFP.

“It’s the only way to be in front of the barrier when the golden coronation carriage passes. Magic will happen.”

Trooping the Colour has honoured the monarch’s birthday for generations.

Spitfires, the legendary 1940 fighter plane that helped win the Battle of Britain, will fly past.

The queen and senior royals will observe from Buckingham Palace’s balcony.


“Working royals” only are allowed on balconies, leaving no room for self-exiled grandson Prince Harry and his American bride Meghan or Elizabeth’s disgraced second son Prince Andrew.

Angie Hart, 51, and her family travelled from Canada to camp on The Mall.

“I’ve always wanted to,” she told AFP. I admire the Queen.

Ed Sheeran sang “God Save the Queen” in front of Buckingham Palace on Sunday.

Anyone familiar with British popular culture since 1952 will recognise Sunday’s march participants.

Bollywood dancers and a Caribbean carnival will also depict changes in British society from white and Christian to multicultural and multi-faith.

14 Commonwealth states, including Australia and Canada, still have the queen as head of state.

Recent royal tours of the Caribbean have revealed growing sensitivities regarding the monarchy abroad.

“This queen has been a tremendous glue within the Commonwealth,” said LSE’s Michael Cox.

“I don’t know if Charles can play the same part,” he continued.

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