Can there be a cruder remark? the Congress reminds the Prime Minister of Manmohan Singh

After the BJP stepped up its campaign against the grand old party following Mallikarjun Kharge’s “Ravan” jab at Prime Minister Modi, the Congress reacted.

On Thursday, the Congress retaliated against Prime Minister Narendra Modi for criticising Malllikarjun Kharge over the “Ravan” joke, reminding the BJP leader of his remark he made against previous Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in Parliament. AICC General Secretary for Communications Jairam Ramesh questioned whether any prime minister could have made a “cheaper” or “crasser” remark about his predecessor.
What about the several occasions he used the most abhorrent language to disrespect Smt. Sonia Gandhi and the appalling way he degraded Dr. Manmohan Singh in Parliament?” he asked on Twitter.
“Should I remind Mr. Modi of what he said about Dr. Manmohan Singh on February 8, 2017 in the Rajya Sabha—that he knew the “skill of bathing with a raincoat on”? Can there be a cheaper and cruder comment made about his predecessor by any current prime minister, and that too in the actual temple of democracy? the Congressman who was adding.
His response came after the BJP stepped up its criticism of the Congress following its president Mallikarjun Kharge’s “Ravan” jab at Prime Minister Modi and said that the public would respond to the opposition party in an appropriate manner. With reference to Kharge’s “Ravan” jab at him, Prime Minister Modi claimed that Congress politicians are competing to insult him the most. He expressed amazement at Congress’s lack of regret about disparaging a prime minister.
“I’m not surprised that Congress is criticising me. I am astounded that the Congress party and its officials have never expressed regret or sadness despite having said so many derogatory things. They believe it is their right to criticise Prime Minister Modi, he said.
“They wouldn’t have advanced to this point if they truly believed in democracy. They support a single family rather than democracy. They will do whatever to appease that one family, and democracy is not important to them at all, said PM Modi.
“If you keep talking about our leaders and elders, then have the courage to listen too,” tweeted AICC media coordinator Pawan Khera.

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