G-20 resolution echoes PM Modi’s call for “no war”

The G20 narrative has incorporated Prime Minister Modi’s appeal for a diplomatic and peaceful end to conflict.

The G20 communique’s result statement is now supported by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s strong message that “today’s period must not be of war” against the backdrop of the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.
According to three people with knowledge of the discussions, the Indian delegation was crucial in helping member nations agree on the language criticising the Russian incursion. At September, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi told Russian President Vladimir Putin that “now is not the time for conflict,” and in a news conference in Bali, Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra made plain the crucial role India played in achieving agreement on the conclusion document.
The way that the world leaders responded to Modi’s appeal to handle problems via conversation and diplomacy as well as measures to deal with crises was evident. After five days of deliberations, his proposals that the Ukraine conflict problem be resolved through an inclusive paragraph in light of the stark differences has cleared the path for an agreed-upon phrase in the Declaration.

The prime minister resisted any limits on the supply of energy at the G20 Summit in Bali, Indonesia, by focusing on the “road of truce and discussion,” despite the president of the United States’ request to avoid buying Russian oil during his presentation.
The language and message from the G20 Summit in Indonesia have amplified India’s narrative in the international debate as a result of the war in Ukraine. A formal leaders’ proclamation has been released as a result of India’s influence over developing nations and growing markets.
After five days of deliberations, language was finally agreed upon in the Declaration thanks to India’s recommendation that the Ukraine issue must be resolved through an inclusive paragraph in light of the severe divides. India has completely maintained its stand on the Russia-Ukraine conflict at UN fora.

In order to implement the 2030 Agenda, multilateral reforms, global digital health networks, and finance and technology as crucial enablers are just a few of the topics India played a significant role in obtaining during the summit. Other topics included Sustainable development and lifestyles, New quantified goal for climate finance post-2025, Multilateral reforms aimed at implementing 2030 Agenda, and New quantified goal for climate finance.

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